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About our company

Gwiz and Gwiz Reupholstery is a family-owned and operated company whose ultimate goal is to provide the highest degree of quality in upholstery services for superior customer satisfaction.


We cannot emphasize enough how much we value and appreciate you. Without our customers, we would not have survived as a company for over 60 years. You are truly an invaluable asset to us.


As a token of our appreciation for you, we make it our duty to provide you with the most convenient and hassle-free experience possible. We offer FREE estimates, as well as FREE pickup and delivery for your benefit.

Some examples of our craftsmanship

Our family-run business is committed to upholding family values. The owner, Bob Gwiz, has dedicated his life to providing his customers with uncompromised customer service and the highest degree of craftsmanship.


We believe in providing you with a cost efficient alternative to buying new furniture.


It’s likely some of the furniture in your home has been passed down through several generations. You probably have an emotional attachment to this furniture because of the pleasant memories it invokes.


Allow us to help you continue to use and enjoy your heirloom furniture for years to come.

There are many reupholstery and furniture repair companies that seek to profit by cutting corners or recommending unnecessary services. Gwiz & Gwiz Reupholstery is wholeheartedly opposed to such practices. We let our honesty, integrity, and expert workmanship speak for us. You'll never have to worry about being overcharged or pressured into unnecessary services when you choose to work with us.


The Gwiz's believe that trustworthy behavior and practices never go unnoticed or unrewarded. They maintain the ideology that a positive reputation and consistent, quality customer service will ultimately return greater profits in the long run. An honest business owner serves a greater good for the community and stands as an example for others to follow. The Gwiz's believe it's important to set a good example for younger generations to look up to and emulate.

Bob Gwiz was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. As a child, he helped his father repair furniture for Famous Re-Upholstery & Refinishing. Bob was enamored with watching his father perform the art of repairing and refinishing old furniture to make it look like new. By the age of 12, he was apprenticing his father. He immersed himself in the trade and quickly developed an adept knowledge and understanding of furniture and upholstery techniques. By the time he was an adolescent Bob was exhibiting expert upholstery skills. For over 60 years, he's committed himself to his passion of furniture repair and refinishing.


As an adult Bob started his own upholstery business. He continues to share his knowledge and skills with his sons. His children share his passion and enthusiasm for furniture, and carry on the Gwiz family tradition started many, many years ago.

Newly refurnished couch